We specialize in growing Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Pain Management Clinics to 7 Figures!

We help clinics build a New Patient Acquisition Mahine, drive patients into your doors, convert them into plans of care, and give you guidance on how to scale your clinic(s)!

Grow Your Practice With our
'7 figure clinic' system:

New Patient Acquisition Machine

Whether it’s a grand opening or seasoned practice, we grant you ownership of a New Patient Acquisition Mahine! Learn how to build, optimize, and take control of generating new patients month in and month out! No more relying on word of mouth or physician referrals! Get peace of mind by controlling the number of new patients your clinic will see!

Patient Show Up

No more missed opportunities! Our Stealth Scheduling team takes advantage of the biggest window of opportunity and makes the initial call out to the lead at the time generated and gets them scheduled! We help you continue to follow up with the leads with our proprietary CRM system Clinic Captain, to ensure every lead has the best chance to see you! Leaving you to focus on doing what you love, helping your patients!

Convert into Plans of Care at the Rate You Deserve

Take on any obstacles that come your way with confidence! We provide weekly training to overcome objections and help you convert patients into plans of care with ease! Go into each appointment with the knowledge and confidence you want to get that ROI you are looking for!

Grow and Scale Your Practice

As a business owner, our strategic partners, who are 7 Figure Clinic Owners themselves, provide you guidance and support on scaling, systemization, and delegation of your practice(s). Whether that includes hiring a new Therapist to opening a second or third location, Dean Volk and Dr. Zamikoff will help pave a road that guides you to that next level with ease!

Your Practice Will Grow and Profit from the
New Patient acquisition machine If...


Whether you’re a one-person shop or have multiple locations, we give you guidance on how to grow and scale your clinic from one to two to 10+! 

With the help of our business development coaches, who are 7 Figure Clinic owners themselves, we will pave the way to grow your practice in the most efficient way possible!

Dr. David Zamikoff

Stealth Media Business Growth Partner

Dr. David S. Zamikoff earned his doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California. He is currently licensed in Florida. Dr. Zamikoff is Board Certified both Nationally and at the State level. Dr. Zamikoff holds certification in operating room protocols and Manipulation Under Anesthesia by the American Academy of Manual and Physical Medicine. Dr. Zamikoff holds a diplomate degree from the American Academy of Medical and Legal Professionals and is the current President of the Florida chapter.

See Dr. Zamikoff’s Curriculum Vitae HERE

David S. Zamikoff DC, DAAPM, DAAMLP

Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management

Diplomate, American Academy of Medical and Legal Professionals

Director of SW Florida, Florida Chiropractic Association

Chair, Ethics Committee, Florida Chiropractic Association

Medical Board Member of MEDICUS Health & Vitality Clinics

Ed Weeks is Part Owner of Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center of Glen Burnie. One of Stealth Media's Conversion Champions! We value our clients and take the time to build great relationships. At the end of the day, our client's success is our success!

Real Clients. Real Practices. Real Results.

More Appointments. Higher ROI. Faster growth. We let our results - and our clients - speak for themselves.

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